February 1, 2015

Dear PPAI Pyramid Awards Committee,

The Colbert Report approached Wendy Williams, President of JR Resources, to help create a unique final gift for the show as a thank you to the staff, crew, network and valued vendors. Stephen and his writers thought a snow globe would be a funny parody to the classic “St. Elsewhere” ending. They also thought a snow globe of the set, with its iconic details, would be a beautiful memento of our dear show.
We came up with a replica of his famous set with all the details in a snow globe that turned and played music of the show theme song. We worked with Flavia at Milano Worldwide to design and produce the globes, which she did with incredible detail and determination to get this done to perfection! The custom creative project was a major collaborative event, which was tried and tested for 6 months by Wendy, Flavia, and those at The Colbert Report who helped with the creative work. And lots of back and forth with China too!
The final product was gifted to those who put The Colbert Report together. It was delivered to each and everyone’s home after the show wrapped as the final thank you. The reaction was of surprise and amazement when everyone opened the package left at their doorstep. Almost everyone admitted to crying upon receipt and many have said it will be cherished by them and their families for years to come.

When all is said and done, a memento like this lasts forever as a memory of a successful and wonderful time together for this crew of 9 years! WE believe it is a great contender for the PYRAMID AWARD program of the PPAI as a stellar custom product that brought great pleasure, appreciation and closure to an amazing creative team in this entertainment world.

Thank you,
Executive in Charge of Production/ Supervising Producer

“LOVE IT!!! It’s absolutely amazing!
Flavia: You have done a wonderful job on the ornaments! The accuracy and cleanliness is great! We only had a few ornaments that were off (decals and paint). We now have a factory home for all the ornaments we plan to do every year! In addition, count on all of our other reps hearing about this awesome outcome. I will send a case study to the reps and copy you as soon as possible. Please have the samples sent to me when you get an opportunity. Thanks again on the great job!!!

Susan Rothenberg
“LOVE IT!!! It’s absolutely amazing!
Could you please send the sample to me please? If by some insane chance we don’t get the project, I would like to show our other clients that we have connected with a very talented group that can make this beautiful piece!!”

Dan L Livengood
Sr Sales Manager – Newton Manufacturing Company
“Christmas Love Story: Wes Chandler came in to the shop yesterday to plan the “perfect” proposal. He needed 22 roses in a box and shared with me that their first date was at a UK Basketball game. I instantly had the perfect, magical gift to go along with his proposal. I showed Wes our new Celebrate 8 Memory Globe and he knew this was the perfect gift to go along with proposal to Meredith. We have shared below Wes writing on the globe “Will you marry me?”. Our staff was so excited to be part of this special proposal. Congratulations Wes & Meredith! With Tim Coles and 10 others at CAROUSEL FLORIST LONDON, KY!”


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